House President received the European Commissioner for Education

The President of the House of Representatives, Mr Demetris Syllouris, received today the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr Tibor Navracsics. In the context of his visit to Cyprus, Mr Navracsics also met with the Minister of Education and Culture, Mr Costas Kadis, while he had the opportunity to exchange views with the members of the parliamentary Committees of Foreign and European Affairs and Education and Culture.

In his statements after the meeting, the President of the House of Representatives, upon welcoming Mr Navracsics to Cyprus, referred to the Commissioner’s Report regarding the education issues in Cyprus. Mr Syllouris highlighted that this Report is very important and useful, since it offers the opportunity to examine the perspectives and the weaknesses and put emphasis on the issues that need to be handled.

“This is the point where the Parliament has a role, especially in the framework of the parliamentary control of the executive power, as well as the perspectives to promote parliamentary issues and intervene in the most effective way”, Mr Syllouris noted.

On the connection between the education and the employment -which is also mentioned in the Report-, Mr Syllouris said that the House of Representatives will undertake the initiative to bring the business community closer to the education community, so that the existing high-level educational staff is modernized towards this direction.

Finally, he underlined once again the usefulness of the Report, especially on issues where weaknesses are seen, and of any recommendations by the EU, in order to work towards their improvement.

On his part, speaking in English through an interpreter, Commissioner Navracsics stressed the importance of the meetings with the legislative body, the House President and the Parliamentary Committees.

He highlighted that education is of strategic importance for the European future, because there is a strong competition among the world’s educational systems and Europe is left behind.

“We have to improve the level of quality of the European educational systems, because it is one of the most important safeguards of future’s competitiveness of the European Union”, Mr Navracsics pointed out, highlighting that “we have to invest more in education and we have to transform and modernize the content of the education”.

He further said that in contemporary European societies, there is a big gap between the performance of educational systems and the diplomas they offer to the labor market and the expectations, on the other hand, of the labor market.

Finally, Commissioner Navracsics stressed that “we have to tackle and fill this gap with more skills-oriented education, and that is why we have to transform our education systems. This is a common exercise: It is part of legislative power and part of the executive power, so we have to work together both in European and national level”.

Source: Press and Information Office