House President in favor of upgrading parliamentary exchanges with Japan

House President, Annita Demetriou, thanked the Japanese Ambassador, Seki Izumi, for her service, at a meeting that took place on Monday, on the occasion of the end of term of Izumi’s posting.

The Japanese Ambassador thanked Demetriou for their cooperation. She said that when she first came to Cyprus she came to meet her as well. She added that she is very glad that Demetriou got to meet Japan’s Speaker.

Annita Demetriou said that “this is only the beginning in the things we can do together, in order to upgrade our diplomatic relations as much as we can.” Regarding her meeting with the Japanese Speaker she said that “we want to find ways, not only at the level of Speakers, but at the level of parliamentary exchanges as well, to upgrade the role of the two parliaments. We will be in contact with your Parliament and your Speaker as well, to see how we can facilitate this.”

Giving her an honorary plaque with the symbol of the Cyprus Parliament, the smiling sun, Demetriou said that it is a symbol, that despite the problems, “we continue to be positive, smile and work for everything we need to accomplish for a safe future for our countries”.

She wished her all the best personally and professionally.

Source: Cyprus News Agency