House President discusses Cyprus problem, Eastern Mediterranean and migration during Berlin visit

The Cyprus problem, security in the Eastern Mediterranean region, the migration issue and other important challenges facing the European Union were the main topics of discussion at a meeting between the President of the House of Representatives Annita Demetriou and the Chairwoman of the Defence Committee of the German Bundestag, Dr Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, on Wednesday in Berlin.

According to a statement of the House of Representatives, referring to the Cyprus issue, Demetriou underlined the Greek Cypriot side’s unwavering commitment to the resumption of negotiations to achieve a solution, a bizonal, bicommunal federation, in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions and the reunification of the country in conditions of lasting peace and security, while stressing that the intolerable claim of the Turkish side for a “two-state” solution can never be accepted.

Demetriou noted that the intensifying Turkish provocations make the goal of a solution more distant and dangerously increase the tension in the broader region, while on the migration issue, she said that Cyprus receives the largest migratory flows in proportion to population among EU member states, as a result of the push of irregular migrants from Turkey through the occupied territories to the areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus.

Furthermore, Demetriou stressed the need for a common European strategy based on solidarity and fair sharing of responsibilities among Member States, including the conclusion of agreements between the EU and third countries for the return of migrants whose asylum applications have been rejected, so that frontline countries such as Cyprus are able to provide appropriate services to the actual beneficiaries, and expressed her thanks for the cooperation that has been developed between Germany and Cyprus in this context.

For her part, the press release said that Dr. Zimmermann noted Cyprus’ strategic position in the region and expressed full understanding for the special circumstances prevailing in Cyprus and the disproportionate migratory pressures the country faces as a frontline state.

It is further added that the Speaker had a meeting with President Derya Türk-Nachbaur and members of the German-Cypriot Friendship Group in the Bundestag during which the importance of further strengthening contacts and cooperation between the German and Cypriot Parliaments was stressed.

During her stay in Berlin, the President of the Parliament visited, as stated, the Holy Metropolis of Germany and Exarchate of Central Europe, where she had a meeting with the Metropolitan of Germany and Archbishop of Central Europe, Augustine.

Demetriou also visited the Ronald MacDonald House in Berlin, which accommodates sick children and their families, including children from Cyprus, congratulated the foundation for the support it provides to its suffering guests and handed over a symbolic contribution in recognition and appreciation of the very important work it does.

Source: Cyprus News Agency