Hotel occupancy up to 80% in Paphos in July, Paphos Hoteliers Association President tells CNA

The hotel occupancy rate in Paphos district in July will be at 80% in July, according to the President of the Paphos Hoteliers Association, Thanos Michaelides.

In June, hotel occupancy in the district reached a satisfying level and stood approximately at 70%, Michaelides told CNA, adding that in July it is expected that the number of visitors will be higher, and range around 75%-80% of the availability.

Michaelides said however that losses from the Russian market cannot be covered, and that the flow of tourists is being affected by flight cancellations and changes in flight timetables.

He also noted the negative impact of the increase in the energy cost and the subsequent tickets cost increase, noting that individuals with limited financial resources find it difficult to fly abroad.

The President of the Paphos Hoteliers Association said that there is an increased interest by the English market for visits to Cyprus, but this does not cover the losses from the Russian market.

Source: Cyprus News Agency