“Hope for Children” trains neighbourhood policemen on sexual violence cases against children

The International, Humanitarian and Independent Institution Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center held two 2-day training events, attended by 76 in total neighbourhood police officers on the handling of cases of sexual violence against children, in the framework of Judex+: Towards a friendly justice in cases of sexual violence against children, funded by the European Commission.

? press release issued by the Institution today notes that the training events were implemented at the premises of the Police Academy of Cyprus, responding to an invitation received by Cyprus Police. These trainings followed similar ones held in May which addressed first line professionals working with child victims of sexual violence.

”Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center’s specialized professionals outlined the trainings to the police officers.

The content of the training included basic notions of the national legislation and international standards, timely identification of evidence of sexual violence, verbal and non-verbal communication with children who have experienced sexual violence.

The trainers also explained the new procedures to be soon followed by the Children’s House, the center where all the services involved in the investigation of sexual violence cases will gather under one roof. The House will be operated by Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center under the monitoring of Social Welfare Services.

The training curriculum was especially adapted to the needs and the crucial role police officers and Community Police play in the investigative procedures, in cases of sexual violence against children.

The institute writes that Police officers showed a strong interest in the most recent legislative developments and the most efficient methods of approaching a child victim of sexual violence and, as a result, a vivid debate and exchange of views took place.

Source: Cyprus News Agency