Heavy rain floods rivers, strong winds uproot trees in Cyprus

Rivers flooded, trees fell and roads were closed due to heavy rainfall and strong winds across the island of Cyprus, on Tuesday and Wednesday, with police warning drivers to be careful.

At the same time, according to data published at the Water Development Department’s website, dams reached 40% of their capacity today. At the same time last year, they had reached 13.9% of their capacity.

In a press release issued earlier today, the Fire Service said it has responded to 82 calls which were related to the extreme weather conditions in the last 24 hours.

In particular, it had to rescue people from their vehicles in the riverbed of Yialias river in Nicosia District, while it also received calls to pump waters from premises and remove trees which fell on houses, public roads and parked cars as well as add-boards.

The roads between Gouri � Farmakas, Gouri � Machairas, Lagoudera � Xyliatou, Apliki � Palaichori, Palaichori � Askas � Fterikoudi � Alona � Platanistasa, Polistypos � Lagoudera � Sarandi, in Nicosia district are closed to traffic due to rockfall and the accumulation of water on the road surface.

At the same time, TheodorosKolokotronis street, LeontiosMachairas and Evripidoustreet in Dali and Eleftheria street, the Kotsiatis � AyiaVarvara and Ayios � Sozomenos � Potamia roads in the area of PeraChorio � Idalion are closed due to flooded rivers.

AyiosSpyridonas street next to Deftera cemetery, Finopouloustreet, and IoannisKapodistrias street next to the Lakatamia Health Centre, as well as Alexandroupoleos and Red Cross streets next to Strovolos Post Office are closed because Pediaios river has flooded.

The road connecting Prodromos avenue with AyioiOmologitesavenue, next to Strovolos Municipality is also closed.

The AyiaKoronis � Palaichori � Agros is considered dangerous due to water accumulation on the road surface.

In Limassol district, the roads of Prodromos � Troodos, Platres � Troodos and Karvounas � Troodos are closed for all vehicles due to snowfall.

The roads of Kyperounda � Dymoi via the village of Agridia, Saittas � Mesa Potamos, Amiandos � Mesa Potamos, are closed due to rockfall, fallen trees or flooded rivers.

Due to heavy fog, hail and accumulation of water on the road surface the roads of Limassol � Platres, Limassol � Pafos by Avdimou and Pissouri villages are slippery and dangerous.

In Larnaka the roads between the villages of Lefkara � Vavatsinia and Vavatsinia � Machairas, are dangerous due to rockfall.

In the area of Morphou, the old road between the villages Ayia Marina � Peristerona ,Prodromos � Trooditissa, the main road in Akaki village, the road between AyiosTheodoros � Kourdali � Spilia and Kampos � AyiaVarvara are also closed due to floods and rockfall.

The roads of Pedoulas � Prodromos, Pedoulas � Pinewood � Kakopetria and Pedoulas � Kykkos � Kampos are open only for 4×4 vehicles or vehicles with snow chains.

The main road from Evrihou village to Kakopetria at the entrance of the village is dangerous due to rockfall. The village can be accessed through the villages of Galata or AyiosNicolaos. The roads of Orkontas � Kampos and Kampos � Kykkos are also dangerous due to rockfall.

The road between the villages of Kakopetria and Karvounas is open but is slippery.

Floods and rockfall have also meant that in Pafos district the road from the Tzielefos bridge to AyiosNicolaos in the direction of Pera Vasa village is closed, as well as the Zyripilis bridge, the bridge on the Nata � PaliesCholetries road, the bridge on Salamiou � Galataria rod, the roads between the villages of Kelokedara � Salamiou, AyiosGeorgios � Kidasi, Trachypedoulas � Salamiou, Kelokedara � Filousa, Panayia � Cedar Trees Valley, Kanaviou � Stavros Psokas, Panayia � Stavros Psokaas, Lemonas � Amargeti, Vretsia � Pera Vasa, KritouMarotu � AyiosDemetrianos, and AyiosNicolaos � Mandria of Limassol.

The roads between AyiosGeorgios in Peyia towards Lara by the river Aspros and the road between Prastio � Kidasi, as well as the road between Pendalia � Panayia are dangerous for traffic.

The motorway between Limassol and Pafos close the Konia exit has become dangerous due to water accumulation on the road surface.

Police also warn that due to the extreme weather conditions the situation on the roads changes often.

Drivers are urged to be very careful, to maintain a low speed, to keep their distance from other vehicles and to keep their headlights on.

Source: Cyprus News Agency