Health Ministry Undergoes Restructuring Process

Mmadinare – The Minister of Health, Ms Dorcas Makgato, says her ministry will undertake an organisational restructuring process.

She said the move was aimed at determining how the organisation could operate efficiently and effectively.

Minister Makgato said this during a a kgotla meeting in Mmadinare on Monday where she also visited the village hospital.

She said her ministry was working hand in hand with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to realise this objective.

She also stated that WHO had seconded officials who would be based in the country for 12 weeks to assist her ministry in the restructuring process.

She said the WHO officials would help come up with a functional structure that will keep the ministry operating until the restructuring process was complete.

She further said her ministry was considering to expedite posting more nurses into districts after realising that a great number of nurses were centred around the headquarters in Gaborone.

Minister Makgato also indicated that her ministry had recruited doctors from Mauritius, Cuba, and China to augment the already available staff in the ministry.

She also noted they had recruited graduates from the University of Botswana who were specialists in different medical and health fields from University of Botswana.

In addition, she said her ministry is collaborating with the Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture to engage 500 youth in her ministry to be trained as health educators who will move around home educating and sensitizing people about health issues.

Ms Makgato said that the Mahalapye District, Scottish Livingstone Hospital and some clinics are in the process of being accredited. She also said government is in a process of setting up a University Training Hospital in Gaborone with a capacity of 450 beds.

She said when complete, the hospital will also operate as a referral hospital.

On other issues, the Minister of Health urged Batswana to live healthy lifestyles.

She said leading healthy lives begins at home and people in general should take the responsibility of their health as individuals.

She said that Batswana should go for medical checkups routinely to know their health status.

She advised that people should check for non-communicable diseases such as Sugar Diabetes High

Blood Pressure which she stated have accounted for many deaths.

Minister Malesu noted that as the Minister of Health, she is concerned with the way in which

Batswana do not take care of their lives because they do not live healthy lifestyles.

She said that many Batswana are obese. Also she said they do not eat proper food or balanced diet but rather eat more oily fast foods.

She said many Batswana eat food with too much salt and sugar and eat less fruits and vegetables. She indicated that many Batswana do not exercise. She explained that exercising was critical in one’s life if they want to stay healthy.

On the HIV/AIDS scourge Ms Makgato said that people should go for tests in order to know their status and make the right decision on how to live their lives.

She said the government has considered to introduce the ‘Test and Treat Method’ to combat the scourge by suppressing the virus.

She said the idea on the table was for people to immediately start the ARV therapy after being found to be HIV positive.

Meanwhile during the meeting Member of Parliament for Mmadinare Mr Kefentse Mzwinla thanked the minister for having found time to visit his constituency.

He also urged Batswana to prevent the spread of HIV.

He encouraged Batswana to take care of their health as it was their responsibility as individuals.

He said prevention of illnesses was better than cure and preventing diseases would ensure that government utilised funds that could be used to purchase medicines and in treating Batswana on other developments.

Mr Mzwinila also requested that the village clinic at Manga ward be upgraded to a 24 hour clinic and the hospital be upgraded to be able to handle the capacity of the village population.

SOURCE: Daily News