Health Ministry promoting legislation for university clinics, President says

The Ministry of Health is promoting legislation for the establishment and operation of university clinics, acknowledging the decisive role and importance of clinical service, as well as strengthening state hospitals with academic personnel and medical school students, President of the Republic of Cyprus NicosAnastasiades has said.


Addressing the swearing-in ceremony of the Medical School graduates of the University of Cyprus, President Anastasiades noted that this development will undoubtedly strengthen the operation of the medical schools regarding teaching, research and innovation, and will allow the development of mutually beneficial cooperation and good practices, to the benefit of the patients.


He also referred to the importance of the implementation of the General Health System (GeSY), which strengthened the connection between education and practice.


President Anastasiades said all these developments supported Cyprus’ effort to become a centre for medical training.


He furthermore praised the work of the University of Cyprus and referred to the agreements and decisions supporting its work.


Source: Cyprus News Agency

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