Health Ministry announces three more confirmed cases of COVID-19

The Health Ministry announced on Tuesday three more confirmed cases of people who contracted the new coronavirus.

Accordint to the latest information from the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, two of these cases came in contact with a case that was confirmed a few days ago. The third person returned from Belgium and was confined at home, before contacting the authorities once symptoms started to emerge.

The Epidemiological Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health started to track down the contacts of the three cases and will take samples for tests.

The total number of confirmed cases with COVID-19 went up to 49, 27 of which are contacts of other confirmed cases.

The Ministry of Health also notes that unnecessary tests may cause problems to people who really need to be tested.

The Ministry also echoes the call of the Cyprus Medical Association for scientific assistance to tackle the pandemic and expresses hope that doctors will respond.

Source: Cyprus News Agency