Health Ministry announces nine new COVID-19 cases

The Ministry of Health confirmed on Wednesday nine new cases of people who contracted coronavirus (COVID-19), on the basis of the latest information received by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics.

The total number of confirmed cases rises to 58 – including three cases in the British Bases – while 31 of them contracted COVID-19 after coming in contact with other cases.

According to the Ministry of Health, four of the new cases announced on Wednesday are people who came in contact with a case that was confirmed in the past few days. Another three cases returned from Greece, confining themselves at home, and contacted authorities once they started to show symptoms.

Among the nine new cases there is also one person from the British Bases and another person whose record is under investigation.

The Epidemiological Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health already started to track the contacts of all nine cases and will take samples to conduct tests.

Source: Cyprus News Agency