Health Ministry announces 431 new Covid-19 cases on Sunday, no deaths were reported, 201 patients are hospitalized

A total of 431 new Covid-19 cases (positivity rate 0.79%) were confirmed on Sunday, the Health Ministry said in a press release, adding that no deaths were reported. The number of people who are hospitalized is 210, 48 of them in a critical condition.


The number of confirmed cases is now 47,713. A total of 54.842 tests were carried out using the PCR method and antigen rapid tests.


The number of Covid-19 patients who have lost their lives remains 261, 173 men (66%) and 88 (34%) women. Their median age is 79 years old.


Out of the 48 patients whose condition is critical, 24 are intubated, four are treated in an Intensive Treatment Unit but are not intubated and 20 in an Increased Care Unit.


Out of the 54.842 tests carried out on Sunday, 2.898 were conducted using the PCR method and 51.944 using antigen rapid tests.


Source: Cyprus News Agency

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