Health Ministry announces 13 more deaths due to COVID-19, more than 10 thousand new cases detected last week

The Health Ministry in Cyprus announced on Friday that 12 COVID-19 patients, three women and nine men, died of COVID from 15 to 21 July while 10,152 new cases were traced with the positivity rate reaching 9.14%. Another death which occurred last year was registered this past week.

The Ministry of Health said that the 12 deaths concern three women aged 77, 91 and 107 and nine men aged between 77-94. The death of an 83-year-old woman that occurred last August was registered at the Health Monitoring Unit this week.

The total number of COVID-19 patients who have died is now 1,099, while the total number of confirmed cases increased to 556,048. The positivity rate stands at 9.14%. A total of 111,067 tests were carried out during July 15-21.

Currently 104 COVID-19 patients are being treated in hospital, 11 of them in critical condition.

One patient who has ceased to be contagious continues to be treated due to COVID-19 in an Intensive Treatment Unit and is intubated.

The number of PCR tests conducted from July 15 -21 is 4656. A total of 768 individuals tested positive and the positivity rate is 16.49%.

The number of rapid tests done is 106,411, out of which 9,384 were positive. The positivity rate is 8.82%.

In the framework of contact tracing 26 PCR tests were carried out and there were 8 positive cases (positivity rate 30.77%).

A total of 3,987 PCR tests were carried out on private initiative and there were 624 positive cases (positivity rate 15.65%).

In addition, 84,771 antigen rapid tests were done on private initiative and there were 8,716 positive cases (positivity rate 10.28%).

Through the Health Ministry’s programmes 21,640 rapid tests were conducted and there were 477 positive cases.

The sampling units carried out 12,009 rapid tests and traced 477 positive cases (positivity rate 3.97%)

At the National Guard, 652 rapid tests were carried out and 40 positive cases were detected (positivity rate 6.13%).

At nursing homes, 5,754 rapid tests were done and 101 positive cases were traced (positivity rate 1.76%).

At closed structures 3,225 rapid tests were carried out and there were 50 positive cases (positivity rate 1.55%)

Source: Cyprus News Agency