Health Minister makes dramatic appeal to doctors to man influenza centers

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou made a dramatic appeal to the medical community on Tuesday, calling doctors to respond to a plea to man influenza centers.

Speaking to journalists, Ioannou appeared both disappointed and anxious that there has been no response by personal doctors, despite repeated calls by the Ministry.

The operation of these centers can be decisive in the fight against coronavirus, the Minister added.

He also urged doctors to make every effort to guide people in this crucial time for the country, following the COVID-19 pandemic, in a bid to ease the pressure on the 1420 hotline.

The Minister said that people should not worry if they haven’t traveled recently abroad or if they had no contact with a confirmed case and called people to avoid putting more pressure on the health system at this challenging time, in order to be able to care for those who really need it. “Panic at this time is exactly what we need to avoid” Ioannou stressed.

As CNA learns, there is an incessant effort by state services, the Ministry of Health and other Ministries to coordinate action in order to secure supplies for coronavirus tests and other protective equipment.

Moreover, more medical centers will soon be able to conduct tests.

The Minister of Health, along with Government Spokesman Kyriacos Koushos called on people to be socially responsible, and act towards protecting their families and their beloved ones by complying with the call to “stay at home” and “avoid social interaction” for as long as it takes.

Source: Cyprus News Agency