Health Minister and Slovak Ambassador participate in voluntary blood donation

Minister of Health Michael Hadjipantela and Slovak Ambassador to Cyprus Martin Bezak participated in a voluntary blood donation on Thursday morning.

In his statements after the blood donation at the Health Centre of Engomi, the Minister of Health thanked the Slovak Ambassador for the initiative, adding that this was the third time that Bezak had come to the Blood Centre in Engomi together with UN staff to donate blood, “a precious good that many of our fellow society members need every day.”

He added that by his presence today he wanted to show his support to this initiative, to make a personal contribution as a regular blood donor in recent years, and to thank the staff of the Blood Centre for their excellent cooperation over the past 18 months.

For his part, the Slovak Ambassador said that he participated in today’s blood donation together with 25 members of the Slovak UNFICYP contingent and three members of the Embassy staff, adding that this initiative helps also to highlight the human face of Slovakia.

He added that he is fully aware of the lack of blood in Cyprus and expressed his confidence that the Slovak embassy will continue to participate in similar activities in the future and try to be of help in any way it can.

Source: Cyprus News Agency