HEALTH: Half of Cyprus population has registered with GHS

Half of the Cyprus population has registered with the new General Healthcare System said the country’s Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou.

Ioannou said that almost 400,000 beneficiaries have registered, while a satisfactory number of general practitioners and pediatricians has signed up.

He added that “as far as other services such as pharmacies, clinical laboratories and radiology, agreements have been made and developments are expected”.

Ioannou said software related issues may arise, while there may be problems due to a lack of information of both providers and beneficiaries on how to navigate through the online system.

So, we will intensify our efforts to inform beneficiaries and service providers, he said.

He conceded that “refusal of key players to join the system, creates additional implementation problems”.

The medical community is the pillar of the GHS and we have to listen to their concerns and possible suggestions on issues that they think may emerge along the way”.

Health Insurance Organisation chairman Thomas Antoniou said “as of 1 June, the GHS will launch standing on a firm foundation, as a fair number of pharmacies have joined the system, while there are sufficient radiologists, GPs and chemists.

Source: The Financial Mirror