Deputy Prime Minister, Public Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani indicated Thursday that efforts are focused on controlling the health bill in the country and on increasing the budget allocated to the Ministry of Health.

“There is no doubt that there are challenges in the health sector, such as the multiple insuring sides, which results in some problems in dealing with certain cases of illness,” said Hasbani, speaking in an interview to “Voice of Lebanon” Radio Station.

“We are trying to coordinate with all insurers, and the biggest challenge is the size of the Ministry’s budget, especially the cost of treating patients at the Ministry’s expense,” he added.

“We are working on controlling the health bill and introducing technology to hospitals, among other things,” assured the Health Minister.

“We have introduced a new system to private hospitals, alongside governmental hospitals, which would monitor cases and invoices. We resorted to the Tender Department to choose the auditing companies (TPA) and we succeeded in reducing the cost in our contractual agreements compared to last year, in an effort to control waste expenditure in hospitals,” explained Hasbani.

He recalled the State’s decision to stop additional employment as part of the rationalization of expenditure, stressing that “the Ministry of Health is very committed to this decision.” He added that focus was pinned on the performance of ministry officials to provide the best services.

Over awareness campaigns, Hasbani disclosed that “efforts have multiplied in this regard in many diseases and most of them in cooperation with health care centers where patients are being examined, government hospitals or even private hospitals.”

He concluded by hoping that “the experience of destroying expired medications will spread,” noting that “an agreement has been signed between the Ministry of Health and the Association of Drug Importers and Pharmaceutical Factories with one of the companies in Cyprus for this purpose.”

Source: National News Agency