GRUFF Textile Founder Denizcan Celik was at EMU’s International Career Week

Denizcan Celik, founder of the popular T-Shirt brand Gruff, was the guest of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Communication at the 5th EMU International Career Week. Celik, a 2010 graduate of the EMU Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (VACD) Department came together with the students in a talk titled “The Importance of Social Media in Branding”.

VACD Chair Asst. Prof. Dr. Senih Cavu?o?lu delivered the opening speech of the talk and thanked everyone for their participation in the event. Asst. Prof. Dr. Cavu?o?lu stated that, the VACD Department has completed a lot of national and international activities since its foundation in the last decade. Putting forth that one of the most important criteria for measuring a department’s quality is its graduates, Asst. Prof. Dr. Cavu?o?lu and introduced to the students Denizcan Celik, who gained great success in the design world. During the talk, Celik underlined the importance of design, branding and social media sharing his professional experience with the students.

“Social Media Grants Branding of Boutique Enterprises”

Celik who gave information about the use of social media and branding, also pointed to the importance of brand identity next to creativity. During his mentioning of the use of social media for low budget boutique enterprises, Celik said; “The most important advertisement in design business is the one where your customers share things about your products on social media. These viral advertisements and the public visibility of celebrities who use your products, secures your position including traditional media free of charge.”

The talk continued with the answering of questions from participants and the “T-Shirt Design” workshop. Decisions were made for the students who were elected during workshops to design T-Shirts for a different project and their work to be used in the design market.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University