Growth rate 1.7% in 2015 according to CyStat revised data

Cyprus growth rate in real terms is estimated to reach 1.7% in 2015, compared to -1.5% in 2014, according to revised data released Friday by the Statistical Service of Cyprus.

The Statistical Service estimates that the G.D.P. for the year 2015 is expected to reach Euros 17.637,2 mn at current prices from Euros 17.567,4 mn in 2014 and Euros 15.354,6 at constant prices of 2005 from Euros 15.101,1 mn in 2014.

The data was revised due to methological improvements. Furthermore, for 2014, the revision is the result of the incorporation of the annual economic surveys, while the revised data for the year 2015 is based on the most recently available economic indices.

Source: Cyprus News Agency.