Green Points in Limassol District in operation for bulky waste

Four Green Points opened on September 28 in the Limassol District for citizens to use free of charge to discard bulky objects or pruning.

During a press conference hosted by the Board of Directors of the Integrated Waste Management Plants of Limassol (IWMP), its Chairman, Mesa Yitonia Mayor Doros Antoniou, said this was a big step for the District and the proper handling of household recyclable waste, since all citizens could now discard specific categories of household waste free of charge.

The categories are debris, ceramics, bulky waste such as furniture and mattresses, electrical and electronic equipment, pruning, plastic, paper, glass, aluminium, metal, wood, fabric, toys, x-rays, thermometers, medicine, light bulbs, cleaning materials, paint, glue, edible oils and fats, engine oil, car batteries, ordinary batteries, and household accumulators.

The four Green Points are located in the communities of Fasoula, Kolossi, Avdimou and Parekklisia and are open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, at specific times according to the season. According to Antoniou, the opening hours may be changes in future to better serve the citizens.

Furthermore, a mobile Green Point collects waste from villages in the Limassol District at regular intervals.

The development of the Green Points, along with the operation of the Household Waste Processing Plant in Pentakomo, will substantively contribute to adopting the national policy on solid waste management, harmonisation with the principles of sustainable growth, and EU law, regarding the management of household solid waste, he said.

Antoniou noted that the fee the municipalities and communities charge for garbage collection have increased, adding that the only way to reduce these fees is to increase recycling and reduce the volume of waste sent to the Household Waste Processing Plant.

He also said that it was necessary to examine household waste management and introduce environmental awareness in everyday life and make the concept of recycling a way of life, because it was this generation’s duty to deliver a healthy environment to the next generations.

Antoniou called on all citizens of the Limassol District to utilise the Green Points and sent the message that cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility and we cannot expect the services of the municipalities to clean up and at the same time, unfortunately, thoughtless citizens discard their waste on pavements or unused land.

He also pointed out that Cyprus is obliged to abide by European Directives and Regulations regarding waste management and that any deviation from the specific guidelines will have serious consequences on the implementation of a proper and comprehensive waste management strategy in our country.

Limassol Mayor Nicos Nicolaides said that there was now no excuse for anyone to dispose of waste or pruning anywhere, adding that if citizens have no means of transportation for their bulky waste, they can contact the municipality and have the waste removed for a fee.

This, he said, will be done for household waste, not commercial activity, contractors, industries or other businesses.

The Limassol IWMP Board of Directors is already examining ways to further promote and inform the public regarding the operation of the four Green Points, through the media, as well as printed and digital material.

Source: Cyprus News Agency