Greek House President stresses the need for a just Cyprus solution as he hands over “Cyprus File”

President of the Hellenic Parliament Nikolaos Voutsis has expressed the need to find a just solution to the Cyprus problem providing for a united Cyprus, an equal member of the EU, without guarantors and occupying troops.

Nikolaos Voutsis was addressing today’s special Plenary session of the House of Representatives in the presence of the President of the Republic, during which he handed over to his Cypriot counterpart Demetris Syllouris the archives of the Hellenic Parliament’s inquiry on Cyprus File.

He said that this issue has been outstanding for a long time and finally it is being resolved.

Voutsis described the handing over of the documents as an act of historical continuation and reconstitution of historical and collective memory that should make us proud.

“We did not just bring cartons with testimonies and descriptions, we brought memories, passions, sorrow, pain, unjust and unredeemed sacrifices and that makes this material so important, he noted, adding that this the beginning to collect more material and testimonies.

In his address, Cypriot House President Demetris Syllouris said that today’s ceremony is a historical event of paramount symbolic and national importance.

He spoke about a valuable historical material that will not heal the consequences of the 1974 coup detat and the Turkish invasion nor will it heal the wounds of the national tragedy of 1974 that so strongly resembles the Asia Minor Catastrophe of 1922.

He noted that todays ceremony is of a crucial historical significance as the handing over of the material relating to the Cyprus file and the decision to hand over the rest of the material in the immediate future is a step towards illuminating and revealing dark or slightly illuminated aspects of the Cyprus tragedy.

At the same time, a long-standing issue is being resolved and a moral and national obligation towards the people of Cyprus is being fulfilled, he said.

He thanked the Minister, the Government, the President of the Parliament and all the political parties in Greece for their unanimously support to the decision to hand over all the material as regards the Cyprus file which was kept as a top secret in the archives of the Greek Parliament.

That decision and todays ceremony seal in a more formal way a historical necessity and pay a national and moral debt, he added.

He also spoke about the satisfaction of the catholic and long-standing demand of the political leadership of our country and of the people of Cyprus as a whole for the delivery of the archival material to the Republic of Cyprus and the unimpeded access to historical evidence which is expected to give answers on what led to the 1974 national tragedy.

The material to which the House of Representatives will have access will be used exclusively for parliamentary or scientific / historical purposes with the approval of the respective Presidents of the two parliaments.

He assured that the House “will do everything possible to secure and deliver to the citizens of the country the historical truth, which is a fundamental and inalienable right of every people. I am confident that more information will not hurt, but rather unite us regarding to what we need to avoid and what we need to seek. Truth, information, knowledge and transparency have never harmed anyone. Its the dark backstage that cause harm which we want to illumine “.

The material handed over to the Cyprus House of Representatives comprises the findings of an inquiry of the Hellenic Parliament into the 1974 coup and the Turkish invasion of Cyprus that followed.

Another inquiry was conducted by the Cyprus House of Representatives.

Source: Cyprus News Agency