Greek Foreign Ministry denounces Turkey’s attempted drilling in Cyprus’ EEZ

In a statement, Greek Foreign Ministry denounces the Turkish attempted drilling in the Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as an illegal action, which violates the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus and the International Law.

This illegal action defies, in a provocative manner, the International Law, the Law of the Sea and also the recent condemnation of Turkey by the international community. Moreover, it provokes a further escalation of tension, which threatens stability and safety in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean, the statement notes.

Greek Foreign Ministry underlines that Turkey’s illegal actions against the sovereign rights of Cyprus �which is a EU member-state� are incompatible with the standards required by a candidate state for accession in the European Union. Thus, the recent decisions of the European Council for targeted measures against Turkey, are proved absolutely correct, Greek Foreign Ministry says.

The Greek Foreign Ministry expresses its full solidarity with the Republic of Cyprus, calling on Turkey to stop immediately its illegal actions and to respect the sovereign rights of Cyprus.

Source: Cyprus News Agency