Greek FM calls for substantive negotiations to take place on Cyprus

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias criticised those who are in a hurry to create impressions at the talks in Crans Montana.

In statements at the end of the morning discussions at the Conference on Cyprus, Kotzias said that some are in a hurry, either because they do not want negotiations to take place on the issue of security and guarantees or because they want to bring the Prime Ministers before fait accompli.

The Greek side, he said, insists, desires, wants and is pursuing and working for real results and a solution to the Cyprus issue. And it is with this criterion the Greek Prime Minister will decide to come when we have conveyed to him that we have reached the point where his presence is necessary and not because some are in a hurry and do not want to negotiate or hold negotiations on the Treaties of guarantees and troops. This negotiation needs to take place, Kotzias added.

He said that on Friday we agreed that we would discuss the two questions posed by UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide on the security system in Cyprus, which would be the prospects and what would happen with today’s (system). We had said that we would examine the mechanism to implement the system as well as the issue of occupation troops.

However, Kotzias said that the discussion did not begin today. We began with procedural issues and with a sense that we have to hurry for the PMs to come. We explained once more that substantive discussion must take place because we are on the sixth day of negotiations and the discussion has not started.

Kotzias said the documents delivered today will be examined and late Monday, there will be a discussion on the basis of what is proposed.

He repeated that the Greek side firmly believes that there cannot be intervention rights, the occupation troops must be withdrawn, a treaty of friendship for cooperation for states in the region should be drafted with Cyprus having a significant role, that there should be a treaty on the method and procedure for the withdrawal of troops while there is an extended proposal by the Cypriot side on the mechanism to implement what is agreed.

Asked on which basis the issue of the presence of Prime Ministers was raised, Kotzias said that some want to put the cart before the horse, adding that first there should be negotiations.

Source: Cyprus News Agency