Greek Cypriot man arrested in the occupied areas to remain “in custody” for another five days

Greek Cypriot activist Andreas Soudjis will remain in “custody” for another five days in the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus following a decision by the “military court” which convened to examine the “charge” of photographing “military areas” in the north.


According to reports from the occupied areas the “public prosecutor” told the illegal court that the pictures were allegedly taken on 13 March in a fenced area of Famagusta while Soudjis was together with a group of 25 people.


The illegal police investigation showed that the maps of military areas which were on Soudjis’ phone resulted from a web search he had made and that the suspect had not visited those areas by car.


Soudjis, the illegal court heard, does not have a criminal record in the north.


An illegal breakaway state declared independence unilaterally, on November 15, 1983, in the areas under Turkish occupation, an action condemned by the UN Security Council and the international community as legally null and void.


The illegal declaration followed the division of the island after the Turkish military invaded Cyprus in 1974, occupying one third of its territory ever since.


Source: Cyprus News Agency