Greek Cypriot man arrested in the occupied areas over use of walkie-talkies will remain “under custody” for another five days

A Greek Cypriot man who was arrested in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus for allegedly spying after being accused of illegally using walkie-talkies, will remain “under custody” for another five days, it emerged on Friday.

Andreas Soudjis, who had been brought before an illegal “court” earlier in the week after his arrest on Tuesday, was taken to “court” again on Friday that ordered that he remains “under custody” for another five days.

A Turkish Cypriot lawyer representing Soudjis, Öncel Polili told the Cyprus News Agency on Thursday that an “investigation” was being carried out by the illegal police which claims that his client is a suspect for allegedly spying at Pergamos crossing point. Cyprus’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs made representations over the illegal arrest.

Polili told the Cyprus News Agency that his client was visiting friends at the Turkish occupied village of Galateia on August 13. During the visit he was using walkie talkies to make contact with others who were visiting the area, as the phone reception is often poor in the occupied areas. It was said that one of the walkie talkies was found at the hotel where he was staying.

Polili said that the walkie talkie was handed over to the so-called police which launched “an investigation”. During this probe, a map and pictures were found on his cell phone.

It has been deemed “illegal” to use walkie talkies in the Turkish occupied areas without a permit.

The incident was brought to light by Greek Cypriot daily “Politis’’.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. Repeated rounds of UN-led peace talks have so far failed to yield results.

Source: Cyprus News Agency