Greece and Cyprus work in cooperation and solidarity to overcome common threats, Greek Ambassador says

At these difficult times, Greece and Cyprus stand by each other proving once again their brothely bonds, the Ambassador of Greece to Cyprus Theocharis Lalakos said, adding that the “timely and decisive mobilization of our two governments in connection to the coronavirus has proven the importance of discipline, personal responsibility, acting seriously, cooperation and solidarity to overcome common threats.”

In a message on the occasion of the Greek Independence Day, Lalakos also referred to Turkey`s offensive policy which undermines the international legal order, noting that the continuation of the close cooperation, the constant coordination and the same path which the Greek and the Cyprot Repubic follow with consistency are the primary precondition, of paramount importance, to effectively address this offensive policy.

Lalakos, furthermore, said that the institutionalized cooperation of Cyprus and Greece with a number of neighbouring countries contributes in a decisive way to the establishment of regional security and stability by undertaking initiatives in fields of mutual interest, as security and Energy.

The Ambassador noted that the framework provided by the EU and the active diplomacy of the two countries allow the building of security in Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

He said that Greece and Cyprus constitute a pillar of stability and security in the Eastern Meditteranean and work constructively in favour of peaceful co-existence and for the deepening of cooperation of the peoples of the region.

Referring to the Cyrpus problem, he said that it remains unsolved due to Turkey`s lack of willingness to engage sincerely into a substantive dialogue to achieve a viable and functional settlement.

He noted that such a settlement must be based on the UN decisions and the acquis communautaire and must safeguard peace and welfare for all the legal inhabitants of the island, provide for the abolishment of the obsolete system of guarantees and intervention rights as well as the withdrawal of the occupation army.

Lalakos said that to this end Greece is ready to do what is required in the UN framework to contribute constructively to the restoration of the international and European legal order in Cyprus.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37% of its territory.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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