Greece and Cyprus renewed and upgraded cooperation in the field of Sports

Cyprus and Greece renewed and upgraded their cooperation in the field of Sports on Thursday with the signing, in Nicosia, of a Protocol for Sports Cooperation between the Cyprus Sports Organisation and the General Secretariat of Sports of Greece.


The Protocol, which provides for the exchange of athletes, coaches, expertise, good practices as well as cooperation at all levels, was signed at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports by the President of the CSO Andreas Michaelides and the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports of Greece Lefteris Avgenakis, in the presence of the Minister of Education Prodromos Prodromou.


Before the signing of the Protocol, the Minister of Education along with the President of the Cyprus Sports Organisation held a meeting with the Greek Deputy Minister in the office of Minister Prodromou. In statements after the meeting, Prodromou, welcomed Avgenakis to Cyprus and stressed that the cooperation between the two sides is permanent and very close at all levels and especially among the people coming from sports.


“We discussed extensively with the Deputy Minister all the issues of our cooperation and we renewed our common course with specific initiatives”, said Prodromou afterwards.


Avgenakis described the meeting as very productive, that strengthened the already close relations between Cyprus and Greece in the field of sports.


He also noted that the cooperation with the Cyprus Sports Organisation and the Cyprus Olympic Committee is close and is constantly strengthened.


The new Protocol will be beneficial for both countries. “It will be beneficial for the sports family of Greece and Cyprus that we consider them as one”, said Avgenakis.


After the meeting, Greek Deputy Minister, President of CSO and Cyprus Minister proceed with the signing of the Protocol.


Source: Cyprus News Agency