Great Achievement from EMU Dr. Faz?l Kucuk Medicine Faculty

First graduates of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Dr. Fazil Kucuk Medicine Faculty � Marmara University Joint Medicine Program have become the pride of EMU with their success in the Examination for Speciality in Medicine (TUS).

Having started its educational activities in 2012, EMU Dr. Fazil Kucuk Medicine Faculty gave its first graduates in 2018. 9 of 22 students who came to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) from Turkey and different places of the world to study medicine in EMU sat for the aforesaid exam and 5 doctors obtained successful results. Hospitals and branches of the first term graduates are as follows: Dr. Baris Sari, Adana City Hospital- Orthopedics and Traumatology, Dr. Ayse Hacilar, Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu State Hospital-Radiology, Dr. Cisem Cagdaser, Gazi University Hospital- Internal Diseases, Dr. Zehra Boraci, Marmara University Pendik Education and Research Hospital� Emergency Medicine, Dr. Bahar Akintug, Ankara Education and Research Hospital � Pediatric Diseases.

If I Were to Be Born Again, I Would Still Choose EMU

Successful graduate Dr. Baris Sari stated the following: I studied at the Medicine Faculty between June 2012 and July 2018. During my studies, I was highly impressed with our faculty members’ warm approach towards us. Our Dean treating us like a family member and her relentless efforts have had positive effects on my studies. As I also said in the graduation ceremony, if I were to be born again, I would still choose EMU. During my studies, I ran from polyclinic to polyclinic so that I do not become unsuccessful when treating patients. I did not allocate any special preparation time for TUS as I wanted to make the most of my internship period at the hospital.

On the other hand, TUS should not be undermined. Keep a balance of your internship practice and the time allocated for TUS preparation. I recommend that during your hospital internship period you discover your interest area and, at the same time, prepare for TUS. I also would like to remind you that all of us are still young. The most important point here is to value time and use it wisely. The rest will vcome to you. I am sure that everything will be perfect.

An Interactive Educational Process

Successful graduate Dr. Ayse Hacilar said the following: I started my studies in medicine in 2012 at EMU Dr. Fazil Kucuk Medicine Faculty and the journey still continues. We completed the first three years at Dr. Fazil Kucuk Medicine Faculty. Although it was an intensive process in terms of studying, faculty members both at Dr. Fazil Kucuk Medicine Faculty and Marmara University provided interactive support for us. This interactive process taught us to have one-to-one contact with our instructors and, at the same time, develop interpersonal skills for our professional careers. Seizing this opportunity, I thank all faculty members for their valuable support. When we went to Marmara University for clinical sciences in 2015, we all undertook active roles in the internship process and had a chance to better discover our areas of interest. The internship period during our 6th year was a tiring, at the same time, a satisfactory year. We were primarily examining patients, writing prescriptions and finalise our findings with assistant doctors and specialist doctors. During this period, I also had a chance to closely observe the working environment at the hospital. We established friendships at the hospital and at the same time learnt how to work as a team.

Due to the long working hours and shifts during the internship period, one may not allocate specific time for TUS preparation. Yet, the skills we gained during our internship period greatly help us with the clinical section in TUS. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank my family, my instructors and friends for their support during this intense process. I hope we continue the journey together

I Have Reached My Target

Successful graduate Dr. Cisem Cagdaser stated the following: I started the faculty as one of the first group of student in 2012 and have had the pleasure of becoming one of the first graduates of the same faculty in 2018. Following my graduation, a more difficult process was awaiting for me, preparation for TUS. At the end of this most difficult period of my life, I have passed the exam and reached my target by pursuing my intership at Gazi University Hospital Internal Diseases Department.

I am Grateful to My Faculty

Succesful graduate Dr. Zehra Boraci stated the following After studying at Dr. Fazil Kucuk Medicine Faculty for three years and another three years in Marmara University Medicine Faculty, I couldn’t decide on my speciality area. After a difficult and tiring process, it was difficult for me to decide on the assistantship studies. Due to the intenstive study period of 6 years, we could not allocate any special time for studying for TUS examination. Yet, I believe that our final year played a great role in preparing us for the profession. I am currently in the 3rd month of my assistantship in the area of Emergency Medicine at Marmara University. I extend my gratitude to our dean and all faculty members for their continuous support.

In a statement released, EMU Dr. Fazil Kucuk Medicine Faculty congratulates all graduates on their success and wish them every success in their chosen fields and professional careers.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University