Government works to combat discrimination, Labour Minister says

Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance Minister Zeta Emilianidou has said the ministrys work against discrimination and promoting equality throughout the years has been multifaceted.

Emilianidou was addressing an event organised by DEOK, the Cyprus Equality Observatory and Equality Commissioner entitled “European equality strategies and the European Institute of Gender Equalitys contribution in their implementation.”

In her address, delivered on her behalf by the head of the Department of Labour Relations Marina Ioannou, she welcomed the European Equality Institutes action, “which offers the necessary support and information so that gender equality can be achieved in practice in Europe” expressing the view that “its contribution in the implementation of European strategies on equality is of timely and crucial importance.”

As a member of the European family, Emilianidou continued, Cyprus has both “much to take and to offer through its participation in shaping European equality policies.”

She added that ensuring the equal treatment between men and women constitutes a key priority for the government and the ministry, taking into account the difficulties women are faced with through the different roles they have to play.

The ministry, Emilianidou said, has assumed its share of responsibility and has developed throughout the years a multifaceted work both through legislation and actions which aim to both combat and to prevent discrimination.

Among other things, she noted that on the basis of data released by the Cyprus Statistical Service in 2017 the pay gap between men and women in Cyprus was recorded at 13.7% compared to 14.9% in 2013.

Source: Cyprus News Agency