Government stresses role of Cypriot MEPs in promoting the Republic’s positions as regards problems created by Turkey

The government counts on Cypriot members of the European Parliament activities aiming to promote the Republic of Cyprus positions as regards problems which the Turkish side has been trying to create using various means and ways, Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou has said.

Moreover, Prodromou said that it is very important to now pave the way for the future of Europe which is currently facing a series of challenges, recalling that Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades will be attending the informal European Council that will take place in Brussels on Tuesday.

Responding to a question about the results of the European elections in Cyprus, Prodromou said that he did not wish to comment them, noting that President Anastasiades expressed last night his satisfaction over the fact that the elections took place in a civilized manner.

Everything ran smoothly. Cypriots have six elected MEPs and the governments count on their action in unity, to serve the common goals as in the past, defending the Republic of Cyprus’ positions as regards the problems which the Turkish side has been creating using various means and ways, he added.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37% of its territory.

Ankara has issued a navigational telex, announcing its intention to start drilling off Cyprus until September 3. The Turkish drill ship Fatih is located almost 40 nautical miles west of the Akamas peninsula and 83 nautical miles from the Turkish coast. The area falls within the EEZ and continental shelf of the Republic of Cyprus.

Source: Cyprus News Agency