Government labour force up in March, as casual staff increases

Government labour force increased slightly by 108 persons or 0.2% in March 2019, compared with the same month of 2018 and reached 51.995 persons, a result of an increase in casual staff, figures released by the Statistical Service showed on Thursday.

Cystat said that permanent staff decreased by 585 persons or 1.6%, while casual staff increased by 4.3% and reached 16.948 persons compared with 16.255 persons in March 2018.

Both Civil Service and Education staff numbers increased compared with March 2018. The largest increase was in Education with 2.2% and more specifically in the number of casual staff which increased by 13.4% or 463 persons, the Statistical Service added.

Moreover, it said that compared with February 2019, the number of persons in Education increased by 1.3% or 179 persons, mainly due to an increase in casual staff by 4.7%. All other categories presented a decrease in the number of their staff. The highest decrease was in Hourly Paid Workers with 1.7% or 147 persons which is mainly a result of a casual staff decrease of 6.6%.

Source: Cyprus News Agency