Government labour force up 1.7% in May 2018

Government labour force increased by 848 persons (1.7%) in May 2018 compared to May 2017, according to a press release issued by the Statistical Service of Cyprus.

The casual staff increased by 9.7% and reached 16,502 persons compared to 15,045 persons in May 2017. Permanent staff decreased by 609 persons (-1.7%).

Compared to May 2017 there is an increase in all the categories of government labour force except the Hourly Paid Workers.

The largest increase is observed in the category Security Forces (4.9%) in which the casual staff is increased by 15.3% (733 persons).

Compared to April 2018, there is an increase in Civil Service (0.3%) and in the category of Hourly Paid Workers (0.5%) while there is a decrease in Education (-0.7%) and in Security Forces (-0.2%).

Source: Cyprus News Agency