Government Deputy Spokesman stressed the importance of British Bases paragraph in Brexit guidelines.

Deputy Government Spokesman Viktoras Papadopoulos stressed today the importance of EU-27 Brexit negotiation guidelines and in particular the fact that it will take place in a climate of unity, in two phases, always with the agreement of all the Member States and with special provision for the future status of the of citizens living and working in the British sovereign bases in Cyprus.

Government Spokesman told the press in Brussels that “the current EU 27 extraordinary Summit was extremely important because the EU guidelines were set for negotiations with Britain on the countrys exit from the European Union”.

“It is very important,” he said, “that in the spirit of unity toward this situation, namely Britains exit from the EU, it has been agreed that a 27-nation common position is required before each negotiation stage.” He also noted that “it is very important for Cyprus that a special paragraph has been included for the British bases and it has been agreed by all that the EU will adopt any bilateral agreements signed by the Republic of Cyprus with Britain on the protection of the acquis and rights Of Cypriot citizens who live or work within British bases”.

Finally, the Deputy Government Spokesman pointed out that the gradual approach of the negotiations was agreed upon whereby Britains withdrawal will have to be agreed upon before any talks on the future EU-UK relationship.

Source: Cyprus News Agency