Government and German Oncology Centre sign agreement for cancer patients’ referral

Hundreds of cancer patients mainly from Limassol and Paphos districts would benefit from an agreement signed Monday between the Ministry of Health and the German Oncology Centre, situated in Limassol.

Up until today, cancer patients from Limassol and Paphos had to travel to Nicosia to receive treatment in the absence of government � run oncology centres in their respective cities.

But based on the Cooperation Agreement signed today as of 18 June they will receive their treatment at the privately – run German Oncology centre which opened last year in Limassol.

The agreement was signed by the head of the Purchasing and Supply Directorate of the Health Ministry Christos Nikolaou and the Director of the German Oncology Centre Nicos Zamboglou, in the presence of Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou, in Nicosia.

Director General of the Health Ministry Christina Yiannaki said the agreement would improve the quality of the lives of cancer patients and spoke of the most important decision of the Cabinet after the one regarding the implementation of a national health system.

As of 18 June, our patients will be able to officially visit the German Oncology Centre to receive their treatment, she noted.

The agreement was drawn up on the basis of a study of experts that highlighted the urgent need to improve cancer patients’ access to radiotherapy services and new imaging technologies necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The study showed that the provision of radiotherapy services in Cyprus would have to increase from 30% to 45% in 2018 and to 52% until 2020.

The purpose of the agreement is to meet the needs of patients in the Limassol and Paphos districts and regulate the provision of radiotherapy services when that is not possible to be done at the Nicosia Oncology Centre. Also, the agreement covers the provision of PET scan services available only at the German Oncology Centre to cancer patients across Cyprus, who up until today were referred to health centres abroad for PET scans.

Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou noted in a written statement that the agreement shows that the Government continuously cares about addressing the problems and improving the conditions until the country obtains a comprehensive modern health care system.

The patients, he noted, will gain access to the services of a centre with modern technology and know-how.

Source: Cyprus News Agency