Geroskipou Municipality and AKTI Center team up to clean coast

The Municipality of Geroskipou, the Geroskipou Community Welfare Council, and the AKTI Project and Research Center with the participation of many children cleaned on Friday the coast of Geroskipou from sea litter, covering a distance of 300 meters. The aim of their effort was the cultivation of environmental consciousness but also scientific, as the garbage collected will be recorded to serve later as a scientific tool.

In statements to CNA, Demetra Orthodoxou, head of programs of the nonprofit organization of the AKTI Project and Research Center said that AKTI organizes every year a cleaning campaign in Cyprus.

In this context, she continued, the Center visited today the coastal front of Geroskipou aiming at the involvement of schools and children.

Orthodoxou added that as regards issues concerning the cleanliness of coasts, “we can make the difference with children”, noting that she feels very lucky, since the Geroskipou Community Welfare Council teamed up with AKTI for the co-ordination of an action regarding sea garbage.

Todays action, she went on to say, included, besides cleaning, experiential games with the participation of children, with the aim to learn about how rubbish affects marine life.

Our goal, she added, is for children to learn and transfer this knowledge to their parents, with the hope that everyone will help reduce beach garbage.

Meanwhile, in her statements, Anna Tsielepou on behalf of AKTIS said that Blue Flag beaches have a contractual obligation to be cleaned with the participation of the people participating in the “Blue Flag” committee.

She pointed out that the cleaning of the well-known Rikkos beach included a recording of the rubbish collected.

According to AKTI, in the framework of todays campaign, they collected 2,072 cigarette butts, 104 straws, 45 plastic bottle caps, 18 metallic bottle caps, 104 pieces of paper, 85 tissue papers, 96 wrapping strips, 18 plastic bags, 8 balloons, 74 small pieces of plastic, 2 car tires, rubbish and other items in smaller numbers.

Tsielepou said that they are working on the basis of a specific protocol by sorting and grouping the trash found on the beach, recording them on a platform, which serves as a tool for scientists regarding the type of rubbish found on the beaches of Cyprus.

In addition, she said that they have started a campaign aiming to reduce plastic on the beaches of Cyprus. She added that the AKTI Center proceeds to recommendations of good practices to offshore centers which they can follow to reduce plastics. She said that five campaigns to clean the beaches have been organized in the Pafos area.

Mayor of Geroskipou Michalis Pavlides expressed his gratitude towards the AKTI Center for their initiative to launch a cleaning campaign at the beach of Geroskipou, and referred to the cooperation with AKTI not only in issues regarding cleaning but also in other matters relating to the natural environment.

The Mayor pledged that environmental and cleaning campaigns will continue.

In his statements Marios Nikitas, Health Officer of the Municipality of Geroskipou, said that issues regarding cleanliness constitute priorities for the Municipality.

He concluded by saying that their goal is environmental education and training of children and participants to promote issues concerning cleanliness and the environment.

Source: Cyprus News Agency