GAC Motor Releases Their New Luxury Sedan, The GA8, To The Market

GUANGZHOU, China, April 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — China’s best automaker, GAC Motor, released its highly-anticipated next-generation luxury sedan, the GA8, at an unveiling ceremony and press conference at Guangzhou Stadium on April 16.

Guangzhou government officials and leaders of GAC pose beside the newly-launched high-end business sedan, the GA8.

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GAC Motor invested over RMB1 billion (USD$154 million) over the course of five years to research and develop the GA8, the all-new sedan targeting the high-end market.

The company has also revealed the details of the GA8’s design and configuration. The model comes with cutting-edge power and electronic systems, matching technology and world-class materials for interior decoration to provide the most convenient driving and riding experience.

The sedan features an all-around intelligent driving assistance system that can navigate, raise collision alerts and actively assist in braking. A 360-degree panorama visual imaging system makes driving and riding the GA8 much safer and easier. The second generation smart guide on board the vehicle also allows drivers to connect to service specialists for technical support with the touch of a button, offering 24-hour free roadside service and a four-year warranty covering 100,000 kilometers.

“The GA8 is a strategic model that GAC Motor spent five years developing. It has withstood the challenges from previous appearances as service cars for both the NPC and CPPCC meetings in Beijing last month, as well as the Second G20 Sherpa Meeting in Guangzhou last week, where it was praised for its overall performance and high level of comfort. We are confident that our self-developed GA8 will open a new era for luxury sedans in the Chinese and international market,” said Wu Song, General Manager of GAC Motor.

At the conference, Chairman of the Board of GAC Group, Zhang Fangyou, delivered the key to the first owner. The first global GA8 sedan owner is a French national, Gilbert Ranoux. He not only has a deep affection for China, but also particular feelings for GAC Motor. He said, “The products of GAC  Motor have seen great improvement, including a nicer design and more advanced technology. I believe that the GA8 will become a very popular model, and that China will soon have its own globally famous auto brand, and the brand should be GAC Motor.”

The GA8 is powered by GAC Motor’s second generation 320T engine. The 320T is supported by technologies such as a low-inertia E-Turbo turbocharger that can bring down 35 percent of inertia, GCCS combustion control that improves the combustion rate by 22 percent while lowering the gas consumption by 15 percent, as well as DCV VT double-span variable valve timing. The streamlined vehicle has a 2907mm wheelbase, peak torque at wide range from 1600-4500 RPM and gas consumption as low as 35 MPG.

“The GA8 was developed following the strictest international standards. GAC Motor’s research and development bases across China are working together to bring technical innovation and the next generation of vehicles to the fore, while our worldwide support system is dedicated to providing the best VIP service to all customers,” Wu Song said.

The GA8 sedan has officially released in Chinese market in Guangzhou at a price starting from RMB169,800 (USD$26,217).

About GAC Motor

GAC Motor is a subsidiary company of GAC Group which ranks 362nd on the Fortune 500 list of enterprises. The company is committed to developing and manufacturing world-class quality vehicles, engines, components and auto accessories. GAC Motor ranked in the top eight among all brands in the 2015 China Initial Quality Study from J.D. Power Asia Pacific, the highest of all Chinese brands for the third consecutive year.


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