Foreign Ministry urges Cypriot citizens in West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem, to be cautious

The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Cyprus has issued a press release regarding the demonstrations in the West Bank, Gaza, the old city of Jerusalem and East Jerusalem, urging Cypriot citizens to be cautious.

Cypriot citizens who wish to travel or are already in these areas are advised to be careful and follow the instructions of the local authorities and stay informed about developments.

It is noted that the representation of the Republic of Cyprus in Ramallah has temporarily suspended its works.

In case of an emergency, Cypriot citizens are urged to get in touch with the following contact numbers:

Cyprus Embassy in Israel

61, Dizengoff street

Top Tower 14th floor

Tel Aviv 6433233

Tel.: + 972 3 92 730 00, + 357 22 65 1080 (direct line from Cyprus)

Fax: + 972 3 62 90 535

Crisis Management Department, Foreign Ministry of Cyprus

Tel : +35722801000, +35797775998


Source: Cyprus News Agency