Foreign Ministry calls on Cypriots to limit traveling abroad amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on all Cypriots to limit their traveling abroad amid growing fears over the spreading to the COVID-19 which has bee declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The new travel advice issued by the MFA on Saturday came into force on Sunday and is valid until 30 March 2020.

“In light of the continuing worldwide spread of coronavirus COVID-19 and given its classification by the World Health Organisation as a pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Cypriot citizens to avoid travelling abroad unless absolutely necessary,” the MFA said.

The Ministry’s advice notes that citizens of the Republic of Cyprus who are temporarily abroad or permanently reside abroad are advised to be particularly cautious, to follow local and international media on the latest developments regarding COVID-19, to follow the relevant instructions of the country’s authorities, to take self-protection measures, as well as to inform the accredited Diplomatic Mission of the Republic of their presence in the country.

Cypriot citizens who are or intend to travel abroad are encouraged to register on the website and to follow the website of for relevant announcements, press releases, and information published by the Ministry of Health and other competent Authorities and Services of the Republic, including advice from the Ministry of Interior pertaining to documentation required for entry to the Republic of Cyprus.

The MFA also recalls that from 1 a.m. of March 15 and for a period of fifteen days as a first phase, entry to the Republic of Cyprus is prohibited to any foreign citizen, except Cypriot citizens, Legal residents in the Republic of Cyprus, European nationals or third-country nationals working in the Republic, Nationals of countries who are in a designated diplomatic service or mission under bilateral or international Conventions, European or third country nationals attending educational institutions in the Republic of Cyprus and individual cases of European nationals or third-country nationals for unavoidable professional obligations, provided that the relevant permit has been obtained from the competent Ministry.

It is also noted that all travellers returning to Cyprus from, or having travelled, in the last fourteen days to China`s Hubei Province, Italy, Iran and the Republic of Korea, will need to remain in isolation under medical supervision, for a period of fourteen days upon entry to the Republic.

In all other cases, travellers will be required to remain self-restricted and self-monitored for a period of fourteen days and they should contact the competent authorities of the Republic if they develop symptoms.

In case of an emergency, Cypriot citizens may contact the following numbers:

Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Cyprus abroad:

The contact details of our Diplomatic Missions are available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at

Consular Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +35 7 22651113 (08:30 – 15:00, Monday – Friday)

Duty Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +35 7 99660129 (outside working hours)

Crisis Management Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +35 7 22801000 (24/7)

The Duty Officer`s line is available outside office hours and is intended to provide assistance in emergency situations. For non-urgent questions, please contact the relevant Department of the Ministry during normal office hours via the switchboard +357 22-651000

Source: Cyprus News Agency