Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School Organizes Vocational Development Seminar

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School (FLEPS) organized a vocational development seminar for its academic personnel. The seminar organized by Berbero?lu Publishing and Pearson Education was presented by J.T. Rehill, director of the educational institution LEAD Turkey.

The seminar planed by FLEPS management was organized by the FLEPS Vocational Development Unit. The seminar comprised of two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning session touched upon the subject of effective measuring and evaluating in language education. The afternoon session touched upon the subject of student autonomy and independence in language learning.

The seminar touched upon classroom practices and development of student autonomy as well as learning styles and classroom differentiation. Teaching methods supporting all learning styles were also discussed. A statement released by FLEPS noted that the aim of the seminar was to increase the productiveness of teachers by relaying strategies that can be used in classrooms that are changing as a result of new technologies and changing pupil profiles. The statement also indicated that similar vocational seminars will be taking place throughout the year.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University.