FMs coordinate action for regional security and stability at five-party meeting in Cairo, government says

A meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, France and Italy, taking place on Thursday, in Cairo, is important for the coordination of actions that will bring about security and stability in the region, said Deputy Government Spokesman Panayiotis Sentonas.

Speaking after the Cabinet meeting, on Thursday, in Nicosia, Sentonas said that the meeting of the Foreign Ministers is a result of the constant contacts between the countries taking part.

There is an effort to exchange views on the broader situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, about all that is happening in the EEZ, the Turkish-Libyan memorandum, the situation in Syria, in order to coordinate actions that are positive and creative in attaining security and stability for the region, on the basis of international law, Sentonas concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency