FM Christodoulides discusses with Mogherini about her meeting with Lute

Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Christodoulides held on Monday in Brussels a brief encounter with the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini about her recent meeting with the UNSGs envoy on Cyprus Jane Holl Lute, who is holding contacts with the parties involved in efforts to solve the Cyprus problem with a view to reach an agreement on the terms of reference that will pave the way for the resumption of the settlement talks..

Talking on the Press and Information Office (PIO) camera the minister said that he had the opportunity to get information from Mogerini on her meeting with Lute, stating that “it is important that the EU is now more active, not only because it was crucial to achieve important convergences during the previous negotiation process but also at this stage, taking into account the issues where there is a divergence of views between the parties involved”.

“We believe that the EU can provide solutions, since the Republic of Cyprus, after a possible settlement of the Cyprus problem, will continue to be an EU member state,” he noted.

Minister Christodoulides also noted that he had the opportunity to speak with the Deputy Minister for European Affairs of Greece, George Katrougkalos, “who, as you know, is going to New York and will have a very important meeting with Lute, within the framework of the effort to determine the terms of reference, something that we are working on very systematically, so that .Lutes mission has some positive results that will lead to the immediate resumption of the talks.”

“We hope there will be a response from the Turkish side as soon as possible,” the Foreign Minister added

He went on to say that “on the occasion of my presence in Brussels, I had a very constructive meeting with my Romanian counterpart, whose country takes over the presidency of the Council on 1 January, and we discussed the very important issues that will be of concern to the Romanian presidency: issues relating to the multiannual financial framework, immigration issues, issues relating to Britains exit from the EU, more general discussions on the future of the EU, which also affect the national interests of the Republic of Cyprus, and of course, we also exchanged views on Turkeys European perspective.”

“I have made clear the position of the Republic of Cyprus that amongst all EU Member States, we are the country that wants Turkey to come closer to the EU and I have asked my counterpart to send specific messages to Turkey, so that it responds to its obligations, including the Cyprus – related ones, so that a new impetus can be given to Turkeys European perspective”, said Christodoulides.

“On the same subject, I had a very good discussion with the competent Commissioner, Mr. Hahn,” the Foreign Minister said, adding that “we agreed to be in touch over the coming period.”

With regard to the Councils agenda, the Foreign Minister presented the positions of the Republic of Cyprus on the European perspective of the Western Balkans and the need “to send a clear message about the European perspective of these states and to avoid any actions by states in the region, which may lead to destabilization, which will of course also affect their European perspective.”

In relation to Iran, Christodoulides expressed the positions of the Republic of Cyprus “on the latest developments in the region, considering that it is important that all Councils discuss developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the role that the EU attaches to the region and, by extension, the role of the Republic of Cyprus, as an EU member state in the region, that can better transfer either Brussels messages to the countries concerned, or the messages of the countries of the region to Brussels. “

The EU28 Foreign Ministers also xchanged views on EU relations with the African Union. As the Foreign Minister stressed, “it is important through the Ministerial meeting to be held in January to see the policies that we have to follow in order to have real added value to our goals in Africa, but at the same time take into account the policies of other international actors in the region that, if I may, are to some extent competing with the policies promoted by the EU. “

Source: Cyprus News Agency