FM Christodoulides calls on EU to support the political process in Libya

Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Christodoulides stressed the need to support Libyas political process to address the problems that are being presented in the country and to ensure the stability of the wider region, during his intervention to the works of the Council of EU Foreign Ministers, held today in Brussels.

During his intervention the relevant discussion, the Minister referred to his recent tour of the Middle East and Gulf countries, conveying to his European counterparts the views of his interlocutors on the situation in Libya and the need for a comprehensive response to the countrys problems. Nikos Christodoulides stressed the crucial role that the EU can play in cooperation with regional actors towards stability in Libya as well as in the wider region in general.

The Ministers also discussed the nuclear agreement with Iran, North Korea and the Eastern Partnership.

During his intervention on the Eastern Partnership debate, Nikos Christodoulides stated that the Eastern Partnership has been a real vector of change for the EUs Eastern European partners in recent years. “We must further promote common values and the joint ownership process so that our eastern partners come closer to the EU,” said stressed. In conclusion, the Foreign Minister said that in order to achieve this goal, the EU should send positive messages, but at the same time insist on the need to implement reforms in these countries.

In the afternoon, Minister Christodoulides participated in the EU Ministerial Meeting and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). The EU and CELAC represent 61 countries – about one third of UN members – and over one billion people. The Summit takes place under the general title “Building Bridges and Strengthening our Partnership to Address Global Challenges”.

Source: Cyprus News Agency