Flights from Paphos carry foreign nationals stranded in Cyprus, Spokesman says

 Flights departing on Sunday from Paphos airport have been scheduled, in order to transport foreign nationals stranded in Cyprus, Government Spokesman KyriacosKoushos said.

Speaking to CNA, Koushos said that two EasyJet flights were scheduled to depart on Sunday from Paphos airport, one at 14.35 and the other at 19.25 (local time). The vast majority of the 199 passengers of the first flight are British nationals who were stranded in the free areas of the Republic of Cyprus, he added.

He also said that a number of foreign nationals, around 45, were handed over to the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus at the British Bases and were accompanied en route to Paphos airport, with all precaution measures in place, before boarding the particular flight.

“All personnel accompanying them, as well as the personnel at the airport that came in contact with the said passengers had taken all necessary protective measures, wearing masks and gloves, while keeping a safe distance,” the Spokesman added.

Asked if there were any foreign nationals among those departing from Paphos, Koushos said that there were people with Turkish names who were foreign passport holders, the vast majority from the UK.

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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