First Totally Private Mobile App for Calling and Texting Launches Today – and it’s Free!

– Scrambl3 App more Private and Secure than WhatsApp and Viber and all other voice & calling mobile apps

– Scrambl3 is private, non-intrusive, and does not use your cellphone number, nor does Scrambl3 access your personal phone contacts (WhatsApp and Viber do). You can even use your iPad or Android tablet – WhatsApp and Viber can’t because they rely on your cellphone number for making and receiving calls and texts

– Scrambl3’s unique VPN (Dark Tunnel) design removes the public telephone system SS7 security flaw that allows hackers to listen to WhatsApp and Viber calls and read their texts

– Use your Scrambl3 username on as many mobile devices as you wish because Scrambl3 does not identify you by your cellphone number, just your anonymous Scrambl3 username

– For complete transparency, Scrambl3 employs only open source software components to create your Top Secret-grade VPN, encryption algorithms and Internet protocols

IRVINE, California, Oct. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — USMobile, Inc., a private communication company, launched the free version of Scrambl3 (, a free mobile App for iOS and Android enabling you to make the world’s most private calls and messages.

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Ultimate Personal Privacy:  5 second anonymous signup and Black Book contact listing

New Scrambl3 users are only asked to provide a username and password. Other free voice and messaging apps require that you verify your cellphone number, request access to your private cellphone contacts, and may also ask for your email address, all of which is a hassle and a violation of your personal privacy.

Scrambl3 users privately exchange their usernames and add them to their respective Scrambl3 Black Book contact listing. No unwanted calls or messages are possible on your private network.

What makes Scrambl3 more private and secure than WhatsApp and Viber?

“Only Scrambl3 creates a ‘Dark Internet Tunnel’ – USMobile’s Top Secret-grade Virtual Private Network (VPN), completely outside of and separate from the public telephone system. In this unique way communication is ‘Cloaked,’ or made invisible to those who wish to intercept it,” said USMobile CEO, Jon Hanour.

“By placing the encrypted communication inside a Top Secret-grade VPN, an exponential increase in security is achieved, so hackers are effectively shut out,” USMobile CTO Brad Arant said.

An independent assessment of Scrambl3, by Professor Dr. Yuliang Zheng, one of the world’s foremost cryptologists at the University of Alabama, is available at

Scrambl3 Advantages Scrambl3

(launched 10-5-16)


(1 Billion users)


(250 Million users)

Privacy Scrambl3 does not require your personal phone number nor access to your personal contacts Yes No No
No signup required just create a Scrambl3 username and you are ready to go! Yes No No
More devices can use Scrambl3 iPad and tablet compatible, including WiFi only Yes No No
High security VPN (Dark Tunnel) architecture removes SS7 backdoor for hackers Yes No No
Multiple mobile devices Scrambl3 users are not tied to a single mobile device Yes No No
Free multi-user enterprise accounts includes a free admin panel for users Yes No No
Premium features enterprise conference bridge, private servers and private email 2016Q4 Yes No No

About USMobile

USMobile is an Irvine, Calif.-based Company founded by Hanour and Arant who have a passion for providing its users with total privacy of their communication.

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