First female journalist in Cyprus honoured

The first woman journalist in Cyprus Maroula Violari – Iakovidou was honoured during an event organized on Tuesday in Nicosia, by the veteran journalists branch of the Union of Cyprus Journalists (UCJ).

Addressing the event, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said that Iakovidou has served her profession faithfully and addressed issues which concern her country in a decisive way.

He noted that Iakovidou addressed prejudices in society with courage and managed to show what women are capable of achieving, thus paving the way for the next generations of women who were able to eliminate gender inequality.

Anastastiades congratulated all veteran journalists on their long-standing contribution to journalism in Cyprus, based on the rules of ethics and professional conduct, which the next generations of journalists must follow.

He noted that journalists are free to express their opinion but have to report on events accurately.

On her part Iakovidou said that she lived the political events in Cyprus step by step and experienced adventure, tragedy and grief.

“This is the burden which I carry inside me and I pray for a successful outcome to the struggle which still goes on. I whole-heartedly wish that the President brings this struggle to a positive outcome,” she noted, referring to efforts to reunite Cyprus, divided since the Turkish invasion in 1974.

Iakovidou said that she always wanted to serve the truth and what is right, on the basis of human rights. She expressed the belief that journalism in Cyprus has reached a good level, despite any inadequacies it has.

Petros Papapolyviou, Associate Professor at the University of Cyprus, talked about Iakovidous career and praised her modesty, politeness, low profile and high level of education.

Union of Cyprus Journalists President George Frangos said that the Union is proud of Iakovidous long, productive and consistent service at the UCJ Board and as a member of the Media Complaints Commission.

Cyprus Broadcasting Cooperation General Director Michalis Maratheftis said that Iakovidou has been a journalist who led CyBC to a new era in which women journalists and editors in chief had, have and will have a key role to play.

President of the UCJ veteran journalists branch Panayiotis Papademetris said that Iakovidou worked on an equal footing with her male colleagues and continues to do so for 62 years.

Source: Cyprus News Agency