First coronavirus case in Cyprus police, all protocols followed, Police Spokespeson tells CNA

Cyprus Police Spokesperson Christos Andreou has confirmed to CNA that a member of the police has tested positive for the coronavirus and has assured that all protocols are being followed.

Replying to a CNA question on the matter, Andreou said that “unfortunately a coronavirus case has been indeed found, it concerns a colleague who serves in police headquarters.”

He added that as soon as he was informed Chief of Police Kypros Michaelides had directed that all measures in accordance with the Health Ministry`s protocols be taken in the work space.

To that effect, he said that the areas the member of the police was working in are expected to be sanitized today.

At the same time, authorities are looking into his contacts so that they can be isolated for a period of 14 days, in accordance with the protocols in place, he added.

It is likely that the area where the member of the police who tested positive was working will be evacuated temporarily and the people who worked there will be moved.

“Unfortunately, our members are always in the front-line and it was expected that there would be a confirmed case,” the police spokesperson said, adding that “for us it is very difficult because our goal was to stay as much as possible unaffected from this virus in order to be able to offer our services to society to the best of our abilities.”

It is a big blow because it is not yet known how many people had been in contact with that person and quite a few of them are likely to have been members of the force, Andreou noted.

Sources have said that it concerns an officer, who had been in contact with a confirmed positive case and had placed himself in isolation as soon as he had been informed.

Source: Cyprus News Agency