Finance Ministry raises Euros 35,5 million from six year bonds

The Finance Ministry has successfully raised Euros 35.538.600 million, after issuing the 10th Series of a six year bond for natural persons(October 2016).

The Public Debt Management Office announced today that it received 66 applications for a total amount of Euros 35.538.600, on September 20, 2016 when the period for submitting applications terminated. The entire amount was accepted.

From the total applications, 53 were submitted by Cypriot and 13 from foreign investors. The values of applications ranged from Euros 4.000 to Euros 2.500.000. Foreign investors applied for bonds worth of Euros 32,500,000 .

The Public Debt Management Office said that the issue of six year bonds of the Republic of Cyprus for natural persons will continue with the 11th Series on November 1, 2016.

Investors can apply from the 3rd until the 20th of October.

Source: Cyprus News Agency.