The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will continue to support food security programmes drawn up by the Angolan government, mainly in the country’s south, a region deeply affected by successive drought.

The assurance was given by the FAO Representative in Angola, Mamoudu Diallo, in Lubango City, in the southern province of Huila, where he addressed a technical seminar on food security, organized by the Agriculture Ministry with the support of the FAO on Wednesday.

“We are following all the efforts being made by the Angolan Executive to mitigate the consequences of climate change, by supporting the population at the level of food and nutritional security, through projects in the areas of agriculture, health and nutrition,” he said.

He also support the efforts by the authorities to take steps ahead of events and avoid emergency measures and to invest in structural programmes, especially in drought-hit region.

These structural programmes, he explained, aim to change the current situation in a sustainable way by transforming the drought-hit areas into arable land.

The one-day seminar was aimed at facilitating discussion on the the impact of natural calamities in the country and at finding mechanisms for the viability of co-ordinated and multi-sectoral interventions, with a view to improving food security and mitigating the negative effects of climatic change.