Famagusta Hospital Department of Paediatrics reopens after two years, Health Minister on the spot

The Department of Paediatrics of the Famagusta General Hospital has reopened after two years. Its operations had been suspended due to the pandemic. On Thursday, the Minister of Health, Michalis Hadjipandela, visited the hospital to be informed about the reopening and the actions taken to upgrade the Hemodialysis Unit.

“After two years, I am pleased to announce that the Famagusta Department of Paediatrics, which is very much a necessity in this district, has reopened. It was a personal bet, set by both the State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY) and myself,” he said in statements to the press, thanking OKYPY and in particular the director of the hospital, Amalia Hadjiyianni.

He noted that just 48 hours after the operation of the department, seven children are already being treated, a fact that shows how much the district of Famagusta needed this department.

In addition, the Minister visited the hemodialysis unit to examine the problems it faces. Responding to a reporter, he said that some new dialysis machines are expected around mid-June, while he also saw how the issue of beds is going.

On the occasion of International Nurses Day, which is being celebrated today, the Minister said: “I want to thank all our nurses, especially the nurses who were in the front line. We achieved this miracle with the pandemic, because the nurses who were in the front line gave it all”.

Source: Cyprus News Agency