Famagusta General Hospital to serve as reference hospital

An Emergency Management drill to handle an outbreak of coronavirus cases took place at Famagusta General Hospital, which will serve as a reference hospital.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Christina Yiannaki, said that the Famagusta General hospital was chosen as a reference hospital in case of an epidemic or pandemic as there is an increase of coronavirus cases worldwide making it imperative for the ministry to be fully prepared.

Six ambulances with their crew, doctors, the Director of Larnaca General hospital and other officials took part in the drill. According to Yiannaki, the plan was drawn up during meetings at the Ministry of Health where a large team was set up to assist in case there is an evacuation of the Famagusta hospital. Everything went as planned, she said, adding “we are calm and determined to handle anything that arises”.

Yiannaki said that if there are coronavirus cases with symptoms, those will be transferred to Famagusta General hospital where the Gynaecological and Paediatric departments were evacuated. These two departments can accommodate 28 cases. In case of a pandemic or epidemic, the hospital will be able to accommodate a total of 120 cases.

The hospital was chosen because it is very well manned and organised. Yiannaki said that all staff are trained to handle any kind of emergency.

Source: Cyprus News Agency