F. Fotiou: “Nostos II has been very productive”

The Presidential Commissioner for Human Rights and for Cypriots Overseas, Fotis Fotiou, has described the meetings and events held in London over the last two days in the framework of the Nostos II programme as very very productive.

Nostos aims at bringing together the diasporas of Cyprus, Greece and Egypt and Nostos II (following the initial Nostos meetings in Alexandria last May) was specifically designed to explore the collaboration of the three countries’ expatriates in health and tourism.

Speaking at the closing of the programme’s events, a joint cultural exhibition by the three countries at London’s EU headquarters, Fotiou said he and his colleagues the Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Terens Quick and the Egyptian Minister for Expatriates’ Affairs Nabila Makram have been encouraged by the success of the programme.

Referring to the round table discussions with expatriate doctors and tourism professionals in London, the Presidential Commissioner said there were concrete conclusions on what can be done to bring the diasporas together for the benefit of themselves and their countries.

There is tremendous scope for actions for achieving these targets of Nostos II. There are historical links between the three countries and our people deserve the best, noted Mr Fotiou. He also described Cyprus, Greece and Egypt as pillars of stability and peace in the region.

He then expressed his pride in the Cypriot community in the UK and particularly thanked the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, NEPOMAK and the three diplomatic missions for organising the successful events.

Quick described the diaspora as an integral part of the efforts to promote Greek tourism and added that a common goal for the three countries is to attract tourists all-year round.

Makram commented that the success of Nostos has surpassed expectations. With the love and the chemistry that exists between us, we can achieve much more, said the Egyptian minister.

The National Federation of Cypriots in the UK President Christos Karaolis, who along with his team was congratulated by all ministers for helping organise the events, said: The Nostos II programme in London this week, has built on the successful cooperation between Cyprus, Greece and Egypt at the Governmental level, by bringing the UK diasporas and parliamentary friends of our three countries together. This strong collaboration will enable us to join efforts and advocate on issues of common interest. We’re looking forward to continuing to deepen this cooperation over the years to come!

Source: Cyprus News Agency